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Equality. Family. Justice for All.

The MEGA Family Project is a nonpartisan, statewide organization dedicated to providing support, education, and advocacy work on behalf of LGBT families. MEGA puts on monthly educational and social activities to strengthen the LGBT Family Community in Georgia. The MEGA Family Project has thousands of members throughout the state of Georgia who support our mission and vision of strenthening LGBT families.

The organization is based in the Metro Atlanta area, but we travel throughout the state to provide programs, education, and advocacy work on behalf of LGBT families. The MEGA Family Project believes ALL Georgia families should be treated equally under the law.

Founding Members:

We are grateful to the following individuals who believe so strongly in the MEGA Family Project's mission that they made generous financial contributions to help MEGA get up and running as an organization in early 2004:

Kathy and Lisa Kelly

Rob and Clay Calhoun

Melanie Thompson

Robert DiVito and Brian Frasier

Suzette LaRoche

Jerry Provin and Scott Wylie

Caren and Manuel Chaknis

Val and Jerry Looney

Beth Lunde and Sue Elam

Kathy High

William Jason Stanford

Craig Eister

Max Andrews and Gradon Lisenby
Kevin Roush & Michael Cox

Kelly & Roxane Prejean
Michael Thurber

Shanna Mattis & Tammy Bates

We are incorporated in the State of Georgia as a not-for-profit corporation. The MEGA Family Project is a designated 501(c)3 organization with the IRS. Donations are tax deductible.

We support LGBT Families through:

*parenting workshops to strengthen our parenting skills and help our families deals with the discrimination we sometimes face.

* providing legal protections/financial planning workshops to help people to strengthen their families with legal documents and financial strategies since we cannot legally marry in Georgia.

*providing weekly playgroups for our Metro Atlanta parents with young children.

*providing a quarterly workshop to help LGBT individuals explore the different options they have for adding kids to their families.

*providing monthly social activities for our families to network with one another and for our kids to see other families like theirs.

*providing an annual MEGA Family Weekend social event that helps children from all over the Southeast see families like theirs (often for the first time).

*providing a "Back-to-School" Workshop for parents to help them to best navigate the school system.

*providing an e-mail list serve to our members so they can be kept up to date on events, networking with other families, etc.

*providing information about events, programs, services, and other issues as they relate to LGBT families through our monthly e-newsletter.


We also partner with numerous other organizations to put on educational workshops, fundraising events, and social networking opportunities.

We conduct outreach at Atlanta Pride, ITLA Atlanta Black Gay Pride, Savannah Pride, and other venues throughout the year.

About our Advocacy Efforts:

We believe one of the biggest obstacles facing family equality is that most people do not understand the issues affecting LGBT families. The MEGA Family Project will provide the leadership to educate citizens so they will better understand our families and the need for LGBT family equality. We seek to raise awareness about the more than 19,000 LGBT families who are part of our family landscape in Georgia.

We believe the best way for LGBT families to win full equality is to have direct conversations about our lives and the challenges we face. We believe this education will change the hearts and minds of fair-minded Georgians.

We cant rely on negative stereotypes on television to teach people about LGBT families. Georgians need to understand we are real families, just like heterosexual families, sharing many of the same values and problems---except LGBT families face additional problems as a result of discriminatory laws that make it harder to protect and support our families.

Through education, outreach, and public demonstrations, we will promote strengthening ALL families by fighting for LGBT families to gain full equality under the law.

We believe most Georgians won't support family discrimination once they understand LGBT families better.

The MEGA Family Project will further family equality in Georgia by:

  • educational programs
  • outreach efforts aimed at fair-minded Georgians
  • media campaigns
  • utilizing our strong membership base to reach our goalsgathering endorsements from individuals and organizations
  • working with other organizations in collaborative efforts to support family and equality issues
  • training others to educate the public on why family equality matters

How Does MEGA Fund Its Activities?

The MEGA Family Project derive its income from donations from members and friends, fundraising activities, business sponsors, and grants from other organizations. Your support is much appreciated and very needed to help us achieve our goals.


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